Voices of the 1.5 Generation

Voices of the 1.5 Generation, a work-in-progress by artists-in-residence Chantria Tram and Paul Tom, was presented during the Montreal Life Stories Rencontres on March 14. Through an organic and collaborative creative process rooted in shared authority, working with Montreal-based Khmer (Cambodian) youth, “Voices of the 1.5 Generation” explores the two-way transmission of stories and memories between a generation that has endured extreme human rights violations, and their children—young people who, while receiving these stories, are also in the midst of creating and redefining their own identities and narratives. Philip Hamon spoke to artist Chantria Tram about the work, as well as to Gracia Jalea Dyer about her perspective, as an audience member. See the latest version of this work Saturday, April 28 at 7 pm at the Centre de Loisirs communauta​ires Lajeunesse 7378, rue Lajeunesse​, Métro Jean-Talon​.