Playback Theatre

One initiative of the Oral History and Performance Working Group, is «Gathering Voices:
Living Histories»:

Led by project partner, Creative Alternatives, and Concordia researchers and faculty, this workshop series wil draw on multiple applied theatre forms in order to invite reflection and catalyze dialogue among participants drawn from the project and wider community. Practices found within the Theatre of the Oppressed, developed by Augusto Boal, and Playback Theatre, developed by Jonathan Fox, will be used. This initiativewill create a Living Histories Theatre Ensemble, comprised of members of diverse ethnic and linguistic origins. This ensemble will host theatre process/performances with community groups by presenting workshop/performances and inquiring as to whether there is interest in learning this form of inviting and sharing stories. The ensemble will also develop a Community Living Histories Theatre Kit containing exercises, and possibly video recordings of sessions, that participants can take back to their
communities in order to create their own workshops.

Nisha Sajnani and Creative Alternatives offer interviewers of the
Oral Histories project an original method of reflecting on their experiences, by using
"Playback Theatre." International Day for Sharing Life Stories: May 16, 2009. Concordia
University, Montreal, Quebec. See more on CitizenShift