"The Armenian Concert or the Turkish Proverb" - Brown Bag Lunch Talk with Gerard Torikian

Brown Bag Lunch Talk with Gerard Torikian
(English and French)
Wednesday, November 3rd, from 12pm to 2pm, room LB-1042
Come and meet Gerard Torikian!

The Armenian Concert or the Turkish Proverb: A Musical Theatrical Odyssey is a play written by French-Armenian artists Gerard Torikian and Isabelle Guiard, performed by Gerard Torikian and directed by French-Armenian filmmaker Serge Avedikian.

The plot of this one-man play revolves around the repercussions and haunting ghosts of the 1915 Armenian genocide. It asks uneasy questions about how the past affects us, whether we can forget or forgive, and what to make of the perpetrator-victim dialectic in our interactions with the "other". Seen through the eyes of a composer who is about to give a concert of his own Odysseus Suite, the play ponders these questions through a gentle dose of humour and deep contemplation in equal measure.

The play has been on tour in various regions of France and most importantly in Turkey (November 2009) and Armenia (March 2010). The Turkish leg of the tour saw the play staged to sold out audiences in the southern city of Diyarbakir and the cultural hub that is Istanbul.

In Armenia, the play was presented in the capital city Yerevan, again to sold out audiences. In both places the play and the important questions it raised on issues of recognition, dialogue, perpetrator victim dialectic and its effects on nascent efforts of discourse around the painful issues of genocide and denial, became the core of discussions with the audiences that followed the performances.

Visit Torikian's website: http://www.gerardtorikian.com/leconcertarmenien/

The play will be presented as part of the Festival du monde arabe, on November 4th:

Gerard Torikian will be at the Centre for Oral History for a brown bag lunch talk.
Wednesday Nov.3, 12-2pm, room LB-1042
He will present his work and answer your questions.
To register: cura@alcor.concordia.ca
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