Special Playback Theatre Performance in Response to the displacement created by the recent earthquake in Haiti

Our Living Histories Theatre Ensemble has been developing forms of collective storytelling and performance using playback theatre amongst other forms. Playback Theatre is a performative approach to community conversations in which audience members share experiences and witness as their stories are reflected back to them through theatre. Some come to listen and some to tell.

Since the earthquake in Haiti on January 12th, we have been wanting to respond in some way. We know this tragedy has created new kinds of displacement and also new experiences of collaboration and community support. We will hold a special playback performance on Sunday, February 7th to convene a conversation about Montreal’s experience relating to Haiti. Please come and be a part of this conversation if you can.

The Living Histories Theatre Ensemble of the Montreal Life Stories project will be holding a special Playback Theatre performance in response to the displacement created by the recent earthquake in Haiti.

Please join us to bear witness to each other’s experiences of relating and responding to this tragedy and to stories connected with this experience. These might include (but are certainly not limited to) stories about the loss and re/creation of ‘home’, the political economy of international aid, or the big picture of Haitian-Canadian relations.

Playback Theater is a performative approach to community conversations. The purpose of Playback Theater is to draw people closer through witnessing the spontaneous enactment of stories shared by audience members. You may have a story to tell or you may want to come to listen and watch.

Please come and be a part of this conversation!

Time: Sunday, February 7th, 2:30pm- 4pm

Place: Visual Arts Building, Room 245
Corner of Rene-Levesque and Crescent
Concordia University

Nisha Sajnani, Alan Wong, & Warren Linds

On Behalf of the Living Histories Theatre Ensemble
Oral History and Performance Working Group
Montreal Life Stories Project