How can I get involved with the Life Stories project?

  • As a community affiliate

You are a member of the general public who wishes to donate your time assisting with an aspect of the Life Stories project. Your interest may come from a personal connection with one of the communities or organizations involved or from a desire to gain new skills and knowledge. You can assist with research, interviewing, administration, and events organizing. To get involved, you will need to submit an application form, a CV and a statement of intent.

  • As a student affiliate

You may be a student pursuing studies at the university or CEGEP level with an academic interest in any aspect of the project, such as research on genocide, war, human rights, oral history, performing arts, videography, refugees, youth, education, or on any of the regions highlighted by this project. Your involvement may take the shape of a student internship or a research fellowship.

  • As a Doctoral or Post-Doctoral fellow
There are two paid internships available to students entering or in their first year of doctoral studies, each worth a total of $8000 for a one-year period. There are also two post-doctoral internships available to researchers who have successfully completed their doctorates and have received post-doctoral fellowship funding from SSHRC. Each post-doctoral internship is worth $8000 total. Successful applicants will take an active role in contributing scholarly expertise to the project, which may take the form of teaching, interviewing, or other activities involving the collection, analysis, and dissemination of oral histories. Successful applicants' research must be directly related to a particular aspect of the project.  
For further information on getting involved, please contact
Eve-Lyne Cayouette Ashby
Project Coordinator
(514) 848-2424 x7920