Apsara Theatre Company will be remounting their production of Someone Between as part of the Wildside Theatre Festival, the 13th annual showcase of new talent produced by Centaur Theatre.

Written and performed by Chantria Tram and directed by Milena Buziak, Someone Between is a one-woman show that explores questions of identity, belonging, and intergenerational dialogue in contemporary multiculural Canadian society. Beginning with the story of her family’s escape from Cambodia, *Someone
Between* chronicles the struggles of a daughter as she tries to reconcile the traditional values of her Khmer parents with her own emerging intercultural beliefs. From the challenges of childhood as a new immigrant, to the negotiation of conflicting adult roles, responsibilities and desires, the play follows this young Cambodian-Canadian woman as she realizes that she will always be “someone between.” Using this position of “insider-outsider” in both cultures to her advantage, the play touches upon taboo subjects such as sex and racism as Chantria searches for her own truths.

Apsara Theatre Company was founded in 2008 by Concordia University theatre graduates Chantria Tram and Milena Buziak. Their mandate is to create inclusive and meaningful multicultural and intercultural theatre with the intention of contributing to discourses on diversity and “multiple identities” in Canadian theatre.

Playing at Centaur Theatre, 453 rue St. Francois-Xavier
Box Office: (514)288-3161

Wednesday Jan 6, 7:00pm
Saturday Jan 9, 9:00pm
Wednesday Jan 13, 9:00pm
Saturday Jan 16, 3:00pm
Sunday Jan 17, 1:00pm

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