Montreal Life Stories @ Nomad Festival


"Life in the Open Prison" from St.George's High School
"Que je vive en paix" from Paul Tom
"J'y étais - Histoires de femmes en zones de conflit"


"Atigh Ould, the founder and chef at “La Khaima” restaurant is hosting the first festival in Montreal that will celebrate the unique culture of the nomads. Hospitality is at the heart of nomadic life. The word “hospitality” comes from the root “philoxenia,” which means the love of strangers and guests. It is the nomadic people who keep this ancient art of hosting alive.

Six years ago, Atigh Ould, himself a nomad from Mauritania, opened his restaurant in Montreal, which translates as, “The Nomadic Tent.” He has since hosted many customers who have become lifelong friends. Customers come to get a taste of nomadic life as they share conversations over traditionally cooked tagines made from recipes that Atigh learned from his grandmother in Mauritania. Following each meal, Atigh sits with his customers serving them mint tea prepared in the traditional ceremonial manner.

The Nomad Festival will celebrate the ancient nomadic traditions preserved throughout Africa, as well as modern-day nomads, from backpackers to refugees. The festival will include educational workshops for adults and children on topics including African cooking classes; Kisrah (bread) making workshops on a clay oven; storytelling and poetry on Mount Royal; musical concerts; academic lectures; arts and crafts; and film screenings."

From October 12-17th, 2010