EXHIBITION - Stories are alive!

Stories are alive!
MB Building, 3rd floor,
Rooms MB 3.235, 3.233, 3.231
Daily from 10:00 a.m to 6 p.m.

Armenia, the Holocaust, Rwanda, the Khmer Rouge regime or Duvalier’s dictatorship. All these events can seem far away, and yet, they are here and now. The survivors of these events are our colleagues, our neighbours, our friends. Their history is our history.

Since 2007, Montreal Life Stories has been gathering the stories of those who have witnessed mass violence and currently live in Montreal. From these interviews, we have the opportunity to connect words with voices and voices with faces.

We invite you to explore our three exhibition rooms to appreciate the work done by university and community project members. Here, you will learn about our innovative methodology, our ethics and our values. Moreover, this is a unique opportunity to listen to survivors telling their stories.

Discover the exciting aspects of new media and virtual networks for the dissemination of life stories. Finally, take a seat to view the life stories (re)presented through films, theatre and dance.

Come, listen, watch, understand and share!