Creative Writing Workshop

"Je me suis parcouru moi-même" ("I travelled into myself")

Creative writing workshop for the CURA project
Life Stories of Montrealers Displaced by War, Genocide and Human Rights Violations
Stéphane Martelly (see her biography further down)

This workshop will allow participants to approach their life story, marked by violence and displacement, in another way, in a creative process that aims to liberate their words and to complicate them through the work of writing. In freely writing texts, participants will have an unhindered space to say the part that history killed and that autobiography does not always permit.

The creative moment is a moment of opening and fragility. Writing is, meanwhile, a labour, a demanding process which inscribes itself in duration. By proposing exercises and experiences of exploration, invention and "fabrication," of reading and critique, this creative writing workshop will consist of this moment and this work. Concretely, we will create a space to approach the practical aspects of writing through our discussions, conceive of writing projects (short and long) and question ourselves on the continuous research of one's own voice in the context of a personal writing project.

Patient, rigourous process, and troubling moment where unpredictably, beauty emerges, creative writing will as such be proposed in the margins of the life story as a unique progression through words: one which belongs to individuals and which persists, despite history, despite the violence of memory and that of forgetting, to desire to invent something else.

Practical information
Number of participants : 10
Number of group workshop sessions: 10
Individual meetings : 2
Workshop blog: according to participants' output, voluntary publication.
Dates : January 17, 2010 to April 4, 20100, every Monday evening. Hours to be determined.

How to register?
Write an email to Stéphane Martelly ( to explain your interest in the workshop (half a page) or send an example of your writing.
Hurry! Places are limited. Priority will be given to Life Stories Montreal participants, interviewees and interviewers.

Biography of the workshop facilitator:
Writer and painter, Stéphane Martelly was born in Port-au-Prince and has lived in Montreal since 2002. Through a profoundly transdisciplinary approach, she confronts herself in her work, theory, critical reflection and art. She has collaborated with the Life Stories project since 2009. She has published poetry, La Boîte noire suivi de Départs (The Black Box Followed by Departures), (Cidihca / Écrits des Hautes Terres, 2004), childrens's tales, Couleur de rue (Street colours) 1999) and L'Homme aux cheveux de fougère (The Man with Fern-Coloured Hair) (2002) and has has several exhibits. Her last book, in collaboration with Christine Jeanney, presents her pictorial work and is entitled Folie passée à la chaux vive (Madness spent in quicklime) (, 2010)