INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE "Cambodia, from then to now: Memory and plural identities in the aftermath of genocide"

Official website: WWW.CURAKHMER.ORG

A group of students at École internationale de Montréal is also participating in the conference in their own creative way. Have a look at their blog!: "Cambodge, au-delà du désastre"

--------------------PRELIMINARY PROGRAM--------------------

*Please note that the program is subject to minor changes, due to possible unforeseen circumstances that could arise between now and the conference.

--- THURSDAY MAY 5TH, 2011 ---
Cinémathèque québécoise

4:30 pm - Registration

5 pm
- Reception (free and open to all)
- Classic dance by the Angkorian Community of Canada (10 min)
- Opening allocutions: Rithy Panh and Alex Hinton, keynotes; RyDuong and Ravann Runnath

6:30 pm - Session 1.1 - Documentary screening
Tickets must be purchased at the Cinémathèque québécoise.
General Public: $7 / Students: $6, student card needed

- Paul Tom: Short-animated film “Que je vive en paix” (May I live in peace)
(4 min)
- Rithy Panh: “Le papier ne peut pas envelopper la braise” (Paper cannot wraps ember)

Chair: Chantal Mallen (Writer “L’arbre et la pagode”, ex-community worker in Cambodia)

8:30 pm - Reception

9:00 pm - Session 1.2 - Documentary screening
- Rithy Panh: “Les gens de la rizière” (Rice people) (2:05)

--- FRIDAY MAY 6TH, 2011 ---
Concordia University (H 767 and H 762; Cinéma De Sève)

8:30 am - Registration

9:00 am (Room H 767) - Session 2 - Round table: Before “Year Zero”
- Sereikhuoch Eng: “The Role of Possessions in Identity Construction of the 1970s-1980s
Cambodian Generation”
- Rannath Ven (Genocide survivor)
- Savary Chhem-Kieth (Genocide exile)

10:30 am - Coffee break

10:45 am (Room H 767) - Session 3 - Cambodian narrative: peace, war, revolution and terror
- Frank Chalk: Title to be confirmed, on the history of the Khmer rouge regime
- Elizabeth Becker: “Journalistic account from Cambodia in the 1970’s”

Chair: Lakhsmi Nguon (Radio-Canada and TV5, journalist)

12:15 pm - Lunch

1:30 pm (Room H 767) - Session 4 - Life stories: Khmer collective memory and its challenges
- Niborom Young: “Unspoken words: Ten Cambodian refugee women in New Zealand”
- Carol Fujimura: “Multiple Memories, Multiple Selves: The Nature of Change & Narrative”
- Steven High: “Narratives of Loss and Remembrance: Interviewing Survivors of the Cambodian Genocide in Montreal”

Chair : Eve-Lyne Cayouette-Ashby (CURA)

3:00 pm - Coffee break

3:15 pm (Room H 762) - Session 5.1 - Art in memory
- Séra (Phoussera Ing) : “Les ateliers de la mémoire” (The memory workshops)
- Marie Lavorel : “Le cinéma documentaire de Rithy Panh comme cadre d’une expérience cathartique et espace symbolique de la circulation de la parole” (The documentary cinema of Rithy Panh as the framework of a carthatic experience and a symbolic space of speech circulation)
- Michael Mascuch: "The Art of Atrocity: Memorializing the Cambodian Genocide in Photography."

Chair: Ariane Mathieu (CURA)

3:15 pm (Room H 767) - Session 5.2 - Transmission and memory making: showing, telling
- Carla Shapiro: “The Pasts and Present of the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum: Legacies, Naming, Justice”
- Judy Ledgerwood: “Witnessing the Cambodian Killing Fields – Using live Histories to Create a Museum Exhibit on Khmer Rouge Atrocities”
- Toni Shapiro-Phim: “Silences, and the Staging of History”

Chair: Paul Tom (CURA)

4:45 pm (Room H 767) - Session 6 - Round table: “Life” and “survival” under the Pol Pot regime
- Muy Len Pong (Genocide survivor)
- Sakara Tom (Genocide survivor)
- Asiroh Cham and Julie Thi Underhill: “Memories and Legacies of Cham Genocide in Cambodia: Testimony and Witness through Diasporic Documentary”

Chair: Sabrina Moisan (Montreal Holocaust Memorial Centre)

6:15 pm - Coffee Break

6:30 pm (Room H 767) Free Entry
Session 7 - Discussion : “The Paradox of Perpetration: Perpetrators, Prisons, and the Genocidal process”

Keynote: Alex Hinton

7:30 pm - Dinner

8:30 pm (Cinéma De Sève) - Session 8 - Documentary screening: “Enemies of the People” (93 min)
- Discussion panel with the co-director Rob Lemkin

--- SATURDAY MAY 7TH, 2011 ---
Concordia University (H 767 and H 762; Cinéma de Sève)

8:30 am - Registration

9:00 am (Room H 767) - Session 9 - Engaging students with History: the Hong Kong International School project and the award-winning student documentaries “Life in the Open Prison” and “Regard sur le Chili” (Looks upon Chile)
- Michael J. Kersten: “Asian History in Action: Cambodia”
- Noelia Gravotta et Megan Webster: Life in the Open Prison
- Vanaka Chhem-Kieth and Gabriela Mizrahi: Regard sur le Chili

Chair: Emmanuelle Sonntag (CURA)

10:30 am - Coffee break

10:45 am (Room H 767) - Session 10 - Justice: impunity, amnesty, reconciliation?
- Jean-Bosco Iyakaremye : “Les tribunaux Gacaca au Rwanda” (The Gacaca tribunals in Rwanda)
- Robert Petit: “Discussion on justice and on the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) by the ex co-prosecutor in the ECCC”
- Peter Leuprecht: “Cambodge: l'interminable attente de justice” (Cambodia: endlessly waiting for justice)

12:15 pm - Lunch

1:30 pm (Room H 767) - Session 11.1 - Living together again?
- Astrid Norén-Nilsson: “The (im)possibility of Cambodian nationalism - views from former Khmer Rouge communities”
- Yenly Thach “The Repatriation Process of Cambodian Refugees”
- Trina McKinlay “Shifting Identity, Traumatic Memory and Community Integration: Lessons from the Past?”

Chair: Remy Chhem (CURA)

1:30 pm (Room H 762) - Session 11.2 - Round table: "Generation 1.5 and the next generation in the

- Séreyrath Srin: Director of the “Integration coorporation in Saguenay”
- Paul Tom: “Documentary on the young Khmer generation in the diaspora”
- Chantria Tram: Play “Someone Between” (10 min) and reflections

Chair: Judith Dorvil (Radio-Canada)

3:00 pm (Room H 767) - Session 12.1 - Present narrative and the enduring past
- Elizabeth Becker: “When the War was Over”
- Leakhena Nou: “Psychological Legacies of Genocide: The ongoing Crisis of Cambodian Trauma and Social Health”

Chair: Sandra Gasana (CURA)

3:00 pm (Room H 762) - Session 12.2 - Workshop
Groupe Living Histories Theatre Ensemble: “Playback Theatre”

Chair: Liz Miller (CURA)

4:15 pm - Coffee break

4:30 pm (Room H 767) - Session 13 - How to reinvent ourselves?
- Sophal Ear: Reinventing Ourselves After Genocide: Justice for Past and Accountability for the Future
- Chivy Sok: Title to be confirmed, on human rights, Cambodia today and tomorrow

Chair: Vanaka Chhem-Kieth (CURA)

5:45 pm (Room H 767) Free Entry - Session 14 - The Bophana Centre and Khmer memory
Keynote: Rithy Panh

6:30 pm (Cinéma De Sève)
Closing ceremony and dinner

Closing allocutions (CURA panel): Steven High, Ry Duong, Vinita Ok, Ysa Cao, Nolsina Yim

7:45 pm (Cinéma De Sève) - Session 15 - Documentary projection : “L’important c’est de rester vivant” (Survive)

Director: Roshane Saidnattar


-General Public: $20 / 3 days
-Students: $10 / 3 days (student card is necessary)
-CURA members: free entry
-Session keynotes: free entry
*We can only accept cash payments

Please send us:
- First and last name
- Postal address
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- Profession and/or University and/or Organisation
- Title of the workshop(s) you would like to attend**

Please write “PRE-REGISTRATION” in the subject line of your email.

**We are unable to accept reservations for sessions 1.1 and 1.2 of the opening night on the 5th May, 2011. Tickets have to be purchased in person at the Cinémathèque québécoise. These sessions are part of the opening night and will take place at the Cinémathèque québécoise not at Concordia University.
Cinémathèque québécoise, General Public: $7 Students: $6 (student card)

Closing Date for Pre-Registration: 25th April 201l

You will be able to register in person at the colloquium. Registration will be open throughout both days.
Friday 6th May, 2011: 8:30 AM– 8:20 PM
Saturday 7th May, 2011: 8:30 AM– 7:40 PM

Concordia University, Pavillon Hall, 1455, Boul. De Maisonneuve West, Montréal
Rooms H765, H767 and H762 (7th floor)
Cinéma De Sève, Concordia University, 1400, Boul. De Maisonneuve West, Montréal