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Daniel Bromberg's Internship Report

I held very high expectations for the CURA project when I applied for the internship. Even though the Cambodian Working Group (CWG) was my second choice, I was extremely pleased to be accepted into the project and looked forward to working with my new team members. I did not know much about the Cambodian genocide (save an oral presentation by a classmate the previous semester) and knew it was a great way to expand my knowledge and learn more about one of history’s darkest moments.

Hope, Hope, Hope

On May 28th, after a nine months of bake sales and workshops, classes on listening and classes on ethics, laughing together and fighting in the hallways, interviewing, taking notes, editing, meeting fascinating people, watching documentaries, cutting up little pieces of paper, talking on the phone, writing letters and speeches and essays and press releases, sending millions of emails, and a thousand other things more important and more banal, the Humanities Collective felt everything come together.